Scientific Research

Yoga has been known to mankind for thousands of years and it is believed to have a deep, positive effect on a person’s health, creativity, emotions and on many other aspects. There are many miraculous stories – some of which were not able to go through scientific verification due to their time.


Sahaja Yoga has been discovered in the 20th century and its effects have been proved scientifically for the first time in the history of yoga. Numerous research has been conducted on Sahaja Yoga in the fields of neurophysiology, sociology an deven in chemistry and agriculture. Such research verified the positive effects of Sahaja  Yoga scientifically. Findings have been verified with individual experiences in Sahaja Yoga as well. Researches were carried out in many countries starting with India, Australia and Russia.


A summary of the researches has been provided below. To view the entire details kindly visit the links under the titles.
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Sahaja Yoga: A scientific approach to ancient Indian scriptures
Popular Science, December 2001, pgs 45-48

Among the many trends in alternative medicine, groundbreaking research brings to the forefront of the scientific community a revolutionary and truly holistic method: Sahaja Yoga.


Its benefits have been confirmed by many clinical case studies and experiments in Asia, Australia and Europe. This unique approach is now available to the American medical world as a viable and verifiable answer to some complex maladies facing modern medicine.


Sahaja Yoga is a cognitive therapy as well as curative breakthrough:


  • It enables the individuals to intervene on the central nervous system and the state of their centers and channels of energy (chakras).

  • It gives access to a subtle form of energy, kundalini. This energy can be accessed through almost effortless, natural techniques to bring balance and health in one is mind, body, and emotions.

  • It raises the human awareness to a new dimension of collective consciousness which enables the individual to feel the energetic state of another person and help in improving it.


Some of the research confirmed benefits of Sahaja Yoga:


  • Improved physical, mental and emotional health

  • Stress management

  • Positive role in prevention of cardiovascular diseases

  • Treatment of epilepsy, high blood pressure, and bronchial asthma